Calling all Authors

Everything the author of fiction and non-fiction needs to know about the road to publication

Publishing Methods:

  • Mainstream, Self- Publishing and eBooks
  • Manuscript Presentation
  • Approaching Publishers and Literary Agents
  • Producing an eBook
  • Understanding The Book Industry and Bookshops
  • Publicity and Marketing: How To Sell That Book!
  • Social Media: Twitter and Facebook etc. for Marketing

Calling All Authors is aimed at everyone who writes fiction or non-fiction, including the established author, the self-published, the eBookers, and those of you who are still fighting your way through the options of seeing your work in print.

I undertook to write this book because I wanted to produce a valuable insight into the publishing industry – and your options within it – as seen by an ordinary working author of fiction, struggling to make sales in a marketplace that has changed out of all recognition in the last five years. Over a career of what I call ‘the snakes and ladders of success’ I’ve been mainstream published (with three houses), self-published (both paperback and eBook), written two editions of this current self-help book, and co-written an acclaimed series of anthologies (the Oxford Stories). Although I’ve had a great deal of experience and personal success I’ve also been subjected to disappointments and let-downs.

With the advent of self-publishing, getting a book into print is actually easier, but it’s infinitely more difficult to get a mainstream contract. Thus, whatever method you aim for, you need immaculate manuscript presentation, sound knowledge of the book industry, and the energy to put a huge amount of effort into making sales. Thus, I aim to demystify all the necessary processes in a concise, lively, and highly readable way, with some very useful contributions from a wide range of other successful authors.

The aim is that Calling All Authors will be chock full of seriously useful information that will help you to understand manuscript presentation, the book industry, and how to make sales. Your job is to work hard to create a reputation for your book, and hope that it will be ‘the one’ to go that extra mile.

I conclude with my own personal mantra:

‘If you want to succeed you must never say, “I can’t be bothered!”. You must always be bothered, even when you get tired, demoralised, and pig sick of the whole thing’


Calling All Authors really has to be the most detailed, informative, and insightful guide for authors on the market

Caro Fraser, London, 2015.
Author of the renowned Caper Court series


‘An invaluable resource of information for all authors, even those who are, as yet, unpublished’

Deborah Lawrenson,
Author of The Lantern


‘A fantastic book … a wealth of information and some brilliant advice for book types everywhere’

The Big Green Bookshop,
London N22 6BG