A warm welcome to the website of Mary Cavanagh, novelist of highly acclaimed fiction

I hope you enjoy finding out more about me and my publications. I am always pleased to hear from anyone, especially reading groups, libraries and organisations who would like to invite me speak about my writing. Do get in touch anyway, as it’s always nice to have some contact with readers, please use the form on my contact page.

‘Mary creates credible, human characters that excite, anger, frustrate, and generally mess up their lives – as we all do – whilst evoking our sympathy and affection for their human frailties.’

Paperback Publications:

  • The Crowded Bed – Transita 2007
  • The Priest, His Lady and The Drowned Child – Thames River Press, 2013
  • Who Was Angela Zendalic? – Thames River Press, 2014


  • The Crowded Bed – Oxford eBooks, 2015
  • The Priest, His Lady and The Drowned Child – Oxford eBooks, 2015
  • Who Was Angela Zendalic – Oxford eBooks, 2015

Self-Help Books for Authors:

  • Calling All Authors – OxPens/New Generation Publishing, 2015
  • A Seriously Useful Guide to Marketing and Publicising Books – Troubador, 2009

OxPens Anthologies:
Published by OxPens with the Oxford Writers Group:

  • The Sixpenny Debt and Other Oxford Stories
  • The Lost College and Other Oxford Stories
  • The Bodleian Murders and Other Oxford Stories
  • The Midnight Press and Other Oxford Stories

I am no longer associated with Thames River Press.